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Dita Kastrati

Dita's Regular Hours

Monday- 9am-5pm

Tuesday- Not Available

Wednesday- 9am-5pm

Thursday- 9am-5pm

Friday- 9am-5pm

Saturday- 9am-5pm

+evening availability by appointment

    Dita's love for hair comes from the creativity that has helped her define her style. Along with creativity, Dita loves building relationships with her clients and being able to learn the importance of interpersonal skills. Lastly, Dita has always loved beauty, and doing hair is a passion that has been ignited for her.


   Dita has perfected herself as a cutting expert by working with various lengths of hair and textures and also by staying up to date with the latest styles. She is not afraid to experiment with different colors and is up for any challenge thrown her way.


   Dita proves to be one of the most unique stylist here at Splitt Enzz. She loves working with hair, but she won't let anyone touch her hair! Dita was actually born in another country and has traveled to over 10 different countries. Her short blonde hair has been her signature look for over 26 years even though she's a brunette naturally.


   Dita is extremely meticulous with her work, and she's a great listener when it comes to getting a client's vision across! She listens to what clients want, but she is not afraid to be honest and take into consideration face shape and style. Come see Dita and let her turn your hair inspirations into reality!


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